Conservation Programs and Services

The Lewis Conservation District provides a number of programs to help landowners put conservation on the ground. We think of program participants as conservation V.I.P.s, because these individuals implement Voluntary, Incentive-based, Private landowner actions!

Brief program descriptions are listed below. Click the program name to learn more about a specific program or contact us at the District for more information:

  • Conservation Resource Enhancement Program (CREP) — Through this voluntary program, eligible land is modified to create forested streamside buffers to provide cooler water, more diverse aquatic habitats, and a reduction in sediment.
  • Coordinated Resource Management (CRM) — CRM offers a voluntary, collaborative, team approach that promotes active local participation in developing and implementing sound resource management programs.
  • Irrigation Efficiencies Program (IEGP) — IEGP helps private landowners save water and aid in salmon recovery.
  • Livestock Program — These funds are used to assist owners and operators of animal feeding operations to develop nutrient management plans, and to provide financial assistance for implementing conservation Best Management Practices.

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