Irrigation Water Managment!

The Lewis Conservation District (LCD) has received grants from US Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Ecology, and the Rose Foundation to complete irrigation plans. For the past two years, LCD has been working with Lewis County farmers. The grantors recently expanded the program to allow us to work with Thurston and Grays Harbor cooperators. The goal of this project is to help irrigators apply water more efficiently and to improve crop production. These plans include meeting with the landowner and examining the water right to make sure that the person is using the correct quantity of water. If everything is good, which it is 99% of the time, staff will complete a plan after hearing the goals and objectives of the irrigator.  This plan will include an optimal irrigation schedule, based on average weather and the crop being watered. It will also include recommendations for improvements to the irrigation systems. In Lewis County, a grant was received to install K_Line irrigation. This farm had a leaky system that was wasting water. The farmer also installed a new energy efficient pump and underground mainline without financial assistance. People can visit the Lincoln Creek farmer with LCD staff to see how well the new system works. In 2018, LCD will have installed 13 fish screens.

Anyone with a water right in the Chehalis Basin is eligible for an irrigation plan. Cooperators will receive a free Watermark moisture meter. This device installs in the ground and the irrigator can read how much moisture is still in the ground to refine the irrigation schedule. It does not meter how much water is applied. If you want more information or are interested in a plan contact Kelly Verd at or 360-748-0083 x114.

Aug 2018= Currently, we are applying for grant to put fish screens on irrigation intakes. If you are interested please contact us.