Facts and figures about the CREP Program:

This program was designed to enhance and protect water quality, fish habitat, and stream stability through the use of riparian buffers. Currently the program has 818.1 acres enrolled for a total of 48 miles of stream buffered.

Eligibility/ Voluntary : We will be happy to evaluate any property to determine eligibility.  CREP is voluntary and recognizes that every case is different.  The program works with individual landowners and takes their needs into account.

  • Contract Length : Land can be enrolled for 10 to 15 years.
  • Riparian Buffer Width : The minimum buffer width is 50 feet and the maximum is 180 feet.  The CREP Coordinator will work with you to determine buffer width for your particular area. Buffer widths are flexible.
  • Cost Share for Developing Buffer : Cost for developing riparian buffer (installing fences and animal watering stations, planting trees, etc.) will be 100% paid for by: USDA -50%, Washington State – 10%, and Planting Incentive Payment (USDA) – 40%.
  • Signing Incentive Payment (SIP) : SIP of $100 per acre will be paid as an added bonus for enrolling the area.  This will be paid at the time of signing.
  • Annual Rental Payments : Annual rental payments vary from $136 to $334 per year per acre based on the type of soil present.

Another appealing factor of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program is that you work with local people. An assessment of your land is free, we will also answer any questions and give you the information.

Photo’s of Sample CREP Projects in our district: