Bunker Road Project


Bunker Creek had been flowing down Bunker Road for many years due to an undersized culvert that was frequently plugged. The stream had not been in its historic channel for at least 20 years in this area. Lewis County closed the road in the winter to protect salmon that had to swim down the road to reach upstream spawning habitats. In 2015, the Lewis Conservation District received grants to move the stream off the road. This was accomplished by decommissioning the upper culvert and constructing a new channel through Weyerhaeuser property . Gravel was spread on Bunker Road as it had been washed away over the years. A new bridge was installed over the new channel. A larger culvert was installed where the lower culvert had failed. This was to allow any water on the south side of the road to flow towards the new channel. This portion of the project was completed in September 2017. Trees and shrubs were planted in the open areas in November 2017. This project happened due to cooperation between Lewis County Public Works, Lewis Conservation District, and Weyerhaeuser.